Infrastructre / Labs & Clubs

Infrastructure , Labs & Clubs


Our School has well ventilated classrooms,Library ,Activity Labs, Smart class.Bathrooms and toilet facility for both boys and girls separately.Transport facility for all the area.We have well qualified and dedicated Teachers.We have playground and equipments for indoor and outdoor games.


We have separate labs for Science ,Maths ,English and Computer.Students themself do the acitivies and experience the whole learning.In each lab we have improved the child’s knowledge .We also have various clubs for all the subjects and have Student  President and the Secretary with a guide teacher.Apart from subject clubs , we have NATURE CLUB , HERITAGE CLUB AND CREATIVE CLUB.Through these clubs we conduct various activities in which each and every student eagerly participates.

Our School has a well spaced library with more than three thousand books ,journal,magazines, newspapers etc.We have also hanging library in the respective classroom so that they can read any free time at the class itself.We have lots of variety of books such as stories ,science and technology ,general knowledge , history ,leaders biography,political ,world leaders ,mathematics, astronomy,Satellites, cross words,puzzles and games in English as well as in Tamil.


Our School has transport facility with nominal monthly fee.At present three vehicles are in operation with responsible drivers and attenders.We are operating in all the near by routes.Safety is the main moto of the transport department so we have our transports well maintained and with precautionary items ,speed governors installed.